Flow of Ukiyo-e cafe
(You can stay for 100 minutes from when the doors open)

① When you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by a night view that is said to be one of the most beautiful views in Yokohama. There is also a great atmosphere created by projection mapping.
We will serve the food once it is ready.
* All seats are unreserved.

② Opening performance (about 5 minutes after the doors open)
Our fun and special feast begins with the Ukiyo-e Boys!

③ Photo shoot (about 30 minutes after the doors open)
Would you like to be part of Ukiyo-e?
The Ukiyo-e Boys will go around and take photos of you (one photo per person).

These photos will be projected on the screen during the show.

④ Opening act (about 50 minutes after the doors open)
A "Magic show" will be performed, or "Japanese musical instruments" will be played. Alternatively, guests can play a game together with a traditional Japanese toy. This all depends on the day.

⑤ Ukiyo-e Show starts (Approximately 60 minutes after the doors open).
A 30-minute show by Ukiyo-e Boys.
Enjoy a world-class, authentic show with projection mapping, dance, mime, and comedy.

⑥ Commemorative photo with Ukiyo-e Boys (about 90 minutes after the doors open)
You can take photos with the Ukiyo-e Boys and enjoy the rest of the time.

Thank you very much for coming.